Checking on Covid vaccines every day.

Today I downloaded the vaccine report for Florida. Pasco county that has 100,000 seniors is showing 20,782 total doses. This is not just seniors but all the priority groups. I have gone online from one page to another, that puts me back to the first page. I can quite easily spend an hour, clicking on every single link only to find that a local site, when clicked on, just gives the map for directions. You can see by the open tabs, that I couldn’t get any further.

Publix supermarket are opening up more stores all the time, but none in Pasco, Pinellas, or Hillsborough county.

So the frustration, and waiting continues. I am not stressed out about it anymore, but still waste time ensuring that I don’t miss a timeframe when it is available. I do get emails, and text from ALERTFL, but just the same sites that say it is not available right now.


  1. I plan on just waiting out the rush. Here in NC, the idiot governor lowered the eligibility to 65 years old. An hour later the state announced there is NO vaccine at all. Brilliant!

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  2. I know England made a bit of a pigs ear of the whole Covid thing at the start but they have got the vaccine roll out well in hand. I heard that people in their 70s were getting their shots.


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