Been waiting 5 years for a fence that will block the road.

When we moved from the townhouse, in the next street, to where we are now, there was a metal wire fence with no jasmine. This meant that people from the road could look straight into our back yard. The board put jasmine plants in this area, and asked me to weave them through the fence. Also would I water them. I agreed and did this for 2 years, only to have the landscapers using the weedwhacker, cut the stems on a regular basis.

I then got onto our H.O.A., which my husband had previously been on for 10 years. They had funding for this fencing years ago, and it’s been impossible to get it done. I even put a 6′ x 12′ blue tarp up there, knowing that they would make me take it down, just to get their attention.

Today the guys showed up, and have been removing the old fence with the jasmine on it. So it looks as if I will have the privacy fence, which I expected, as all the rest of the development already has it.

All photos are taken from inside the house, and on zoom, so that you can see what’s going on better.


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