There were 8 F.A. Cup matches today.

They all went as expected with many minor leagues playing, except for Arsenal, who on paper should have won their match with Southampton, but that was not the case.

My earlier post stated that Southampton had just scored. That’s how it remained even though the odds were in Arsenal’s favor. Arsenal had 62% possession, but so much of it was passing back into their own half, and to their goalkeeper.

In previous matches Arsenal have won 33, and Southampton 14. Goal stats were 119 for Arsenal, and 68 for Southampton. Arteta didn’t play his strongest team, and you would have thought that the reigning champions, would have wanted to keep the cup for another year.

Southampton players wanted to win more, and had the determination in their play to achieve it.

Other results were

  • Barnsley 1 Norwich City 0
  • Brighton & Hove 2 Blackpool 1
  • Millwall 0 Bristol City 3
  • Sheffield United 2 Plymouth Argyle 1
  • Swansea City 5 Nottingham Forrest 1
  • West Ham 4 Doncaster Rovers 0
  • Cheltenham 1 Manchester City 3

There was only 1 Premier League football match were Aston Villa beat Newcastle United 2 – 0.


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