Doctor’s office visits.

Yesterday we both had doctors appointments, one after another. Mine was very straight forward. The doctor went over my labs, and said that she never has to worry about them. Even my platelets, that years ago where low, are normal now. Yes, my cholesterol had gone up a little, but with the amount of exercise I do, that is not an issue.

Hubby’s one takes a long time. I follow the doctor into his room, and we always spend a long time on his labs. His potassium has gone up again, even though I watch what he eats. The doctor wants him to go on the medication that is $1,100 dollars a month, and it’s not covered by his insurance. It’s pending because of price, but I will watch everything he eats, rather than pay that kind of money. He has to go back in 10 days and have more blood drawn.

We then go over how he is, and he had to admit that the last 3 months, so much has happened. We know it’s age related, but she prescribed another medication for him. Now 29 a day, plus insulin.

So now I have to be even more in control of his health, and try to get him back on track. I am really pleased with out G.P. She spent around 45 minutes with us.


  1. I don’t usually butt into people’s business and this is probably unnecessary but I treated a patient once with a peculiarly high potassium. They watched their diet. Turns out it was the “vitamin water” they were ingesting. Stopped that and potassium dropped to normal. Thought I’d pass that along. Labels can give good clues. Wishing you both well. Paulette

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  2. $1100??? That’s ridiculous! I hope his levels shift so you don’t have to pay that money. And 45 minutes is good nowadays. Most doctors don’t want to sit with you and explain much.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the expensive drugs. If you live in the USA, please download the online coupon app “Good Rx”. it would give you atleast 80 percent off. I get a lot of discount cards from all pharmaceuticals companies, please email me your address so I can mail them to you. I always give it to my patients. My email address is thanks.

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