Ups and downs of the Premier League Football.

With the Premier League starting late, but still having the same amount of matches, it’s been a crazy season. Then Covid outbreaks in clubs, and postponed matches, puts pressure on players, as well as scheduling. Also with no fans in the stands, there is no advantage to be playing at home.

So the scores are unpredictable. You would imagine that Manchester United, 2nd in the league, that had the same amount of point as City in the 1st place, would anyolite bottom of the table Sheffield United. Not the case. They got beaten 2 – 1. Even with the 3 points for winning today, Sheffield United still remain bottom of the league.

I will continue to write about the matches, but I am not going to guess who will win. It’s like a toss of a coin this season. We are halfway through, and I have no idea who will do good, and who will flop.


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