A perfect morning.

After watching the first Premier League match of the day, I went to the Zumba class, at the gym. From there I met my neighbor that lives opposite me, at Panera Bread. She had come to the gym with me a few times, until a member of her family got really sick. She knew that he would pass, and then she needed grieving time.

I am pleased to say that she contacted me to ask if we could do coffee. It was great seeing her. We had our masks on, and did a sideways hug, turning our heads away, as I knew how much she needed it.

She had soup, while I was naughty, and had a blueberry scone with butter. I asked if it could be heated, and the girl pointed to the microwave that was only inches from the floor. Lucky for me, I can squat, but I was wondering how elderly people would be able to use it. I couldn’t read the numbers on the small microwave so had to keep checking on it. I really need to ask Panera Bread the reason it was put there. Certainly not the greatest place.

We had 40 minutes, as I knew hubby was watching West Bromwich Albion against Fulham match. I am pleased that Fulham got a point, as it ended a 2 – 2 draw. Manchester City beat Sheffield United 1 – 0, which surprised me as City or top of the league so I expected more from them, and Sheffield bottom place. A great win for Crystal Palace 1 – 0 Wolverhampton Wanders.

I got home just in time, to get hubby to go from Peacock streaming, to channel 8 for his team, Arsenal against Manchester United. Both teams have had great chances. This is going to be an enciting match.

37th minute still 0 – 0.


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