A good day to stay in.

Yes, I have been out today. I couldn’t miss my CxWORKx class this morning, as it is one of my favorites, but wrapped up really well as it was in the 40’s. I am not even sure that our high, here in Florida, will hit 50 degs today. It was the smallest class I have seen, so I guess most people didn’t want to leave their homes.

Hubby has been in, and won’t go out today. It’s good that he is resting. I am waiting for a call back from the doctor’s office, with regards to his ultrasound appointment.

We are watching the Wolverhampton Wanders match against Arsenal. In the first half Saka, and Pepe have hit the woodwork twice, and a disallowed goal from Saka. I like the way that Arsenal are playing, and certainly hope that they can score. Wolves are a good team.

Sheffield United are playing West Bromwich Albion, and that is 0 – 1 right now. Then at 3.15 we have Manchester United – Southampton, and also Newcastle – Crystal Palace.

Pepe has scored, so Arsenal went one up. During added time David Luiz received a RED card for’bringing’ a Wolves player down. The commentators and VAR, showed that Luiz tried to avoid the player, and thought this to be really harsh. Now Arsenal have to play with 10 men for the second half. The penalty was taken, and Wolves equalized.


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