Set the alarm for 6.30 tomorrow.

Here we go again, trying to get registered for a Covid Vaccine. The government set up a registration for everyone, and as you know I filled it in for both of us, only to find out that Pasco is still using this one, where you have to hope, and pray, that you are one of the lucky ones online.

I will have my laptop, and phone, at the ready at 6.45 tomorrow morning, waiting on 7 a.m. Then I will click on the link, like every other time, and see if I am successful. I can’t wait to get appointments, as this getting up early is not my idea of retirement.

We went to the A.G.M. last night at our Clubhouse, and I took the floor to encourage our board to get vaccinations at the Clubhouse. Friends in other communities already have theirs. That would make life so much easier for us.


  1. Fingers crossed it all works out. Keep refreshing your screen, so the moment you click you get through. I forgot to refresh on an application I was doing for something else and I was late to the party. This whole vaccine thing is crazy, now that governments are holding back shipments instead of sending them to the countries that have confirmed contracts. I expect we will be waiting here a good long while, as our leaders have mucked it up. Stay well. Allan

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