Twice l thought I had a Covid vaccination appointment for hubby.

This is the screen I got on my laptop, and phone

This is the page I got for 45 minutes.

After refreshing both my laptop, and phone for 40 minutes, the book icon lit up. I had 6 pages to type in for hubby, and chose the local publix. By the time I had completed the form, that one must have filled up. It didn’t take me back to a location, but back to the start. This time I managed to get the last one in west Pasco county. The appointment was for 7.12 p,m, on Monday. I went to click on the confirm appointment, and the curser turned to a red circle with a line through it.

Two disappointments that have left me feeling peed off.


  1. The state sign-up page is one page. It’s crazy that Publix needs so much info completed first. I tried to get in this morning, too. All booked. Please try again…..

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  2. Wow, do you have autofill on your PC? I have it on mine so it helps with filling in those online forms. That really sucks. Why can’t you just sign up for appt and then do the forms? Seems crazy. No wonder seniors can’t get appointments

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  3. Is your husband’s PCP associated with a hospital ? If so you can call the hospital for scheduling or if the hospital has records on him that maybe another option.

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  4. I am auto fill for several accounts including my husband and kids. Text me about a quarter of the time to fill in a form. Typically it just saves information such as your address and phone number. I don’t know what other information your Covid vaccine asks for.

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  5. I’ve heard here in Colorado that even some Kaiser patients have difficulty getting appointments. I ran into my 70-year-old neighbor the other week and asked her if she made her appointment yet. She said she was waiting for Kaiser to call her back. I just about had a conniption fit. She’s a naturalized American and although she’s lived here over 40 years she still doesn’t always know the ins and outs. I told her to call Kaiser and she did and she got an appointment. I was a little peeved with her 40-year-old daughter though. Her daughter is a physicians assistant and I thought for sure that she would help her mom.

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