One smashed shower door.

And hubby is alive to tell the tale.

He was using this walker to get to his bathroom. Went in, and I heard a crashing sound. Hubby called out.

The shower door was broken, the shower seat had prevented it and him, from hitting the tiled walls, and floor.

He was laying with his legs, and feet under him. I immediately wanted to call 911, but he refused. It took around 30 minutes to get him to a standing position.

Even with me working out, I have pain in my weaker left shoulder.

He had 2 black/purple brushes on his arm, and cuts on his leg, from the broken door.

The door went out with the garbage, and I am only putting up a shower curtain in it’s place

I know he will hurt these next few days.


  1. I can’t believe the two of us. My husband got up the other night and tried to use his cane instead of his walker fell, broke a small table and broke the sliding glass door to the closet. We must live in the same world.

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  2. I keep reminding my wife I have a built-in gyroscope, but I admit it’s getting a little bit overloaded lately. Why must sacrifice of balance be one of the penalties of the advancing years, I wonder? I do hope your husband won’t feel too many long-term effects from this. It sounds as if it would have put paid to me!

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