Love getting 8 Breyers ice creams for $14.

I wrote at the weekend that Winn Dixie had Breyers ice cream, B.O.G.O.F., and if I bought 4 at a time, I got over 5,000 points from Fetch Rewards $5.99 regular price.

Sunday I paid $11.99 and got $5 worth of gift card points. The sale ends today so I went back and got another 4 for hubby. Breyers are one of the few brands that offer No sugar added. Again today I paid for 2 instead of 4, and got another $5 gift card from Fetch.

So instead of paying $48, I saved $34 on the 2 transactions. Now where shall we go to eat, as I have collected so many different gift card from Fetch.

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  1. Awesome if you have the freezer space, and obviously you do. 😀

    I have a preference for Mayfield myself but Breyers is a close second, and they do have an awesome selection of no sugar added flavors

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