2 and 3lb.hand weights and the bar.

I am so tired of just doing lower body workouts, that I did go into the Body Pump class for 30 minutes. I used the bar with no weights on it to do squats, and lunges. I managed a few slow clean and press, but ended up just doing the lift, quick elbows, and then back down again. My left shoulder was not ready to reach high.

I used 2 lb weights with squats, when the class were doing pushups, and a 3 lbs weight when we were doing clean and press. Again I only took it up to my shoulders, as I had no problem doing it.

I left once the class were down on the floor. I had done enough light stretching of my left shoulder. I finished up with 15 minutes bouncing on the upside down Bosu ball.

So it was a better workout than I had first thought it to be. Hubby didn’t do Silver Sneakers, because of pain, (I believe from the fall), and the earlier sugar low.

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