Slurred words.

Slurred words don’t always mean a stroke, it can also be a sugar low.

This morning hubby slept in, and when I went to check on him, he spoke to me, and his words were slurred. He had his hand in front of his mouth, so I said that I didn’t hear what he said. He spoke, and it was slow, slurred words again. I asked him to lift his arms, and he looked at me as if I was an idiot. He could lift them, so stroke ruled out.

Next a diabetes check, and here was the answer, a sugar low of 54. I immediately gave him grapes, as he can’t have orange, because of the potassium (kidney failure). Within a few minutes he was back to normal.

So it’s a case of eliminating possibilites.


  1. I panicked one time when my mom’s speech got slurred and she noticed while putting lipstick on that her mouth was droopy on one side… her sugar apparently was super low (& it wasn’t stroke) and while stroke can be fatal.. the doctor also reminded us the dangers of hypoglycemia

    I admire your presence of mind and great instincts ❤ Hope your husband continues to feel better.

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