The sun is out, but the F.A. Cup wins.

It is a beautiful spring day in Florida, 75 degrees, with sunshine. I really wanted to go out on the patio, as we haven’t ventured there so far this year. However, Manchester City are through to the next round, beating Swansea. We watched the first half of Leicester against Brighton, and in the 70th minute it’s still 0 – 0. Sheffied United are playing Bristol City, and City got a RED card in the 65th minute, so are down to 10 men. A penalty was given so Sheffield which means they are up 1 – 0 up in the 75th minute.

If I bit my nails, that’s what I would be doing right now. I knew that Everton – Tottenham would be exciting, and it certainly has. We are at halftime now, and Everton are winning 3 – 2. Spurs scored in the 3rd minute, and it was very even until Everton got one back in the 36th minute. 2 minutes later Everton went in the lead 2 – 1. The referee gave Everton a penatly kick, in the 43rd minute. We have seen the replay of the foul several times, and I can’t see that the Spurs player even touched the Everton one. The commentators said that it was a ‘soft’ penalty, meaning it could have been overturned by VAR.

Thankfully in the 45th minute Lamela scored, so Everton are leading 3 – 2 at halftime.

I had to cook hubby’s dinner, so it’s fulltime, and the score is 4 – 4. This means that we will have another 30 minutes of extra time, and if there is still a tie, then it will be penalty kicks.

Both Leicester, and Sheffield United won their matches.

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