Going for a birthday lunch with my girlfriend.

My birthday is Valentine’s day, so instead of gifts, we take each other out for a meal. It’s really nice as she will pick me up, take me to whereever we are going, and I can enjoy every minute of it. Today is the day.

It also means that I get to eat at a new restaurant, which I don’t do with hubby. We stick to old favorites, so that I know he will enjoy his meal.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


  1. Happy Almost Birthday, Susie. Enjoy your lunch. My wife has a similar tradition with one of her girlfriends. A bit tough to handle in Covid, but she managed a virtual lunch. Stay well. Allan

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  2. Happy almost Birthday! At first I thought you meant its today, which is my good friend’s birthday down there in Melbourne/Palm Bay Florida. I need to jump to her FB page and remind her how old she is…and then I will be in April haha. Have a great birthday lunch with your friend!

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  3. HBD. Same day as Oregon’s birthday! I’m hoping I can do a birthday lunch in March with my friend who whom I share the same birthday. We’re starting to have limited inside dining but we’ll see. I’m okay with bundling up and eating outside as long as it’s at least 55-60. Today was only 20!

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