Yet another fall for hubby while I was out.

Hubby didn’t come to the gym, and said his back was really hurting.  I did my Zumba 45 minute class, and would normally stay for his Silver Sneakers.  Publix supermarket is opposite it, so I went over there to get British pub style steak and ale puddings.  We had the chicken a couple of weeks back but it had way too many herbs in it, they were out of the steak one that time.
It’s a 15 minute drive each way to that gym so I had left at just after 10, got there 20 past, did my class from 10.30 to 11.15.  Drove over to Publix, got my couple of things, and checked out.  A gym/dancing friend of ours called out to me as I was rushing to the car.  She wanted to chat, and twice I said that I needed to get back to hubby.  It was around 11.50 so got home just after 12.  
Hubby had had another really bad fall.  Bloody even though he had tried to clean up.  It was all over his tee-shirt, and shorts.  Also his recliner, the floor, fridge/freezer.  It was a major clean up of him, then the recliner, kitchen, and soaking his clothes.
I just don’t know what to do, because it wasn’t a sugar low, his blood pressure was good.  It could have been a TIA or just his legs giving out.  I wasn’t here so don’t know.  I said to him that I won’t be able to leave him.  He is watching the West Ham football match now, while I am doing the laundry, and cleaning up.


  1. Oh no, what a worry for you both and your poor hubby. It sounds like a very nasty fall. It would be helpful to know what the cause was so the chances of it happening again can be reduced. I hope the doctor might be able to help in some way if you let them know about it. I really hope he gets some good rest tonight. x

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