3 falls in 24 hours. I am beside myself.

At 2 this morning I heard a thud, and it was hubby on the floor next to the bed.  He tries to get up without holding onto the walker, or the chest of drawers.  He wanted to go to the toilet, as he hadn’t made it in time earlier.  So I managed to get him up using my right side this time.  The left shoulder still isn’t right.  He used the walker after going to the toilet, and came into the living room on his electric recliner.
I couldn’t get back to sleep and kept listening for him.  He came back to bed at 5.15, so I could finally sleep.
I slept until 9.30, and got up.  I was in my bathroom, when I heard movement.  He was up holding onto his walker, and trying to put his feet into his slippers.  I told him he should be sitting down to do that.  He lost his balance, and went backwards, hitting his head on the chest of drawers, and landing on his back.  I refused to help him up again, and told him I was calling 911.  He said No, so I let him try on his own for 10 minutes, and then called them.  They came and got him up.  They said that he needed to go to the hospital with them, to get checked out.  He refused.  They said it would be ‘kidnap’ if they took him without his consent.  I made him take his dressing gown off to show them all the bruises, and cuts he has, due to the 3 falls.  I want witnesses that I am not abusing him.
I phoned the doctor’s office, and we are seeing the P.A. this afternoon.


  1. It’s so hard being a carer and I only had that experience for 7 months with my late husband. But we used to have a cantankerous old lady next door years ago and she was always falling in the middle of the night and pressing her alarm, so we would be woken up with a phone call from the care company. Hubby and I could usually sort her out, but when he had just had his knee operation or if he was away I was round there by myself and called the ambulance a fair few times. They were very good, but she was so tough they never took her to hospital, though I wished they would! Your husband is lucky to have you.

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  2. Susie this is so hard I can’t imagine but you  need to be strong with him and insist he needs help.  He may not tell you but will be okay with it once you decide and make it clear you are not strong enough.  It is so frustrating to be in this position after so many years of marriage.  Hopefully your doctor will make it clear to him the situation needs to change.  911 people will probably alert home health care or similar organization.  Here it is mandatory.  Good luck!

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  3. Your husband does need you to be his voice–whether he wants to hear that voice saying, “I am going to call 911′ or not. I hope the doctor will have more information for you, Susie.


  4. Sorry to hear this. I think Len is as stubborn as my MIL. It’s so hard for them to listen to reason. But as this point you need to watch out for yourself. I worked in a nursing home when I was younger and whenever someone fell out of bed it was protocols to have two people lift them back up. There is usually a male nurse on shift who did the primary lifting. So I can’t imagine you trying to do this by yourself


  5. My thoughts are with you. I went through something similar with an older family member and it helped when we got a hydraulic lift for medical lifting. You may have already tried that or don’t want to, so feel free to ignore this if it’s an irritating suggestion. I hope he checks out okay.

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