Doctor’s visit very hard.

The nurse wrote down everything that had happened to hubby.  The P.A. came in almost immediately.  I showed him how the 3rd fall happened.
Then our doctor came in, and I was so relieved because the P.A. just listened and said nothing.  She had read the notes, and asked hubby why he hadn’t gone to hospital.  He said that he was fine.  I told her in detail about the 3 falls.  She told him that 2 people need to pick him up as he is a dead weight.  She said that as he hadn’t gone to hospital it was time to sort out options, some being, an ALF or nursing home.  He didn’t understand at all.
I told him what she had said, and he said No way.  I asked if he could go in rehab for a month to see if there would be any improvement.  She said that could only be if he had had a hospital stay.  I asked if he could get help at home, and she said physiotherapy.  He agreed to that.  She will set it up for 3 weeks, and then we go back to her.  I told her that when he tries to get up he leans to the left side, and has been slurring his words again.  I told her his sugar was 99 after the fall, perfect, and his blood pressure 110 over 70 which is great for him.  I said could it be anything to do with the cerebral hemorrhage and benign brain tumor he had.  She looked at his chart, and is ordering a C.T. scan of the brain.  She told me to discuss with him about future plans, because his kidneys are failing, and his age is affecting him too.
I took him for an omelette at IHOP, and spoke to him about it, and he said you can forget that as it’s not happening.
I have been to get prescriptions and gas, and have cleaned up the wheelchair that was in the garage area.  She wants him to use it in the house.  
First chance to sit down and write. I won’t be replying to your comments, that are really appreciated, or reading today. I am totally exhausted, with very little sleep, and a heavy heart right now


  1. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I will put both of you, but especially your hubby , onto my prayer wheel as a priority. I will ask my higher power for help to find solution that he can agree to.

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