Have an appointment for the C.T. Brain scan.

but am still waiting to hear back about the physiotherapy. I have been on and off the phone most of the day today, arranging, and changing appointments for hubby, and myself. He has the appointment for the C.T. scan on Tuesday of next week. I phoned the doctor’s office, and still nothing on his therapy.

He is to have 3 weeks of therapy, and his appointment to go back to the doctor 3 weeks today. They haven’t contacted us yet, and I know from last time, that the first time is collecting information to create his file. He won’t get any physio until after that. There is no point in having more than 3 a week, so he won’t complete it until after the doctor’s appointment, so I guess that one will be changed. I only went out for that 40 minute class, so that I could be here to make any arrangements needed for him.

I saw the daughter of the people that moved in next door. I kept to my side of the garages, and told her that I didn’t want to be a nosy neighbor, but saw the emergency vehicles this morning. Her father is in hospital, he suffers with his breathing, and has covid. I feel so bad for them. Then my new ‘friend’ opposite that came to the gym before her brother passed, and I haven’t seen since, phoned me and told me that his wife, her sister-in-law has cancer. 3 neighbors that really don’t know each other that long, or that well, and all going through so much.

We all thought 2020 was bad. I don’t like the start of 2021 at all.

Image by Ockert Le Roux from Pixabay



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