I got to the Body Pump class just in time.

I left it to the very last minute to go to my class. I used the lightest weights as my left shoulder is still healing from picking hubby up 10 days ago. It felt good being with the group of ladies, and one gentleman, doing what I love. I had to do the clean and press at a slower pace than the rest of the group, but this week I could do them. Also the chest exercise I used dumbbells’ instead of the bar and weights. I didn’t push my left shoulder at all, and left when they were doing core on the floor. There is a lot of lifting your shoulders, and twisting from side to side. My shoulder wouldn’t be able to take that yet. So I was home when everyone else was finishing up the class.

Have been in with hubby, and he lost his balance once, went down lightly, and was able to pull himself up with the wheelchair. That holds his weight, rather than the walker. So far so good.

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