Hubby is an in patient at the hospital.

Life is not easy with the Covid pandemic. Hubby went into the ER waiting room. I went through security to an area that was surrounded with plexiglass. I gave them my husband’s name, my name, and my cellphone number. They said that they would call me when he was in a room.

After 2 hours I phoned, and he was still waiting. I reminded them that he was diabetic, and ate at 8.30 a.m., and now it was 2.30 p.m. This was the hospital that forgot him, and he ended up being in the hospital for 3 days, due to their incompetence. I phoned again at 3 and was told that the doctor had just seen him. I asked if he was in a room, and they said ‘Yes’. No one had bothered to let me know. It was really hot, and I had no water, and people were sitting in the only shaded seat.

The doors automatically opened. I went through security screening. I then went through the ER doors, and immediately went into hubby’s room. This is due to Covid. Shortly after he went for his CT scan of the brain, and full body x-rays. 4.15 a doctor came in, and said that there were no fractures, and everything looked good.

In all, 3 doctors came in, at different times, and hubby refused to stay in, but he is, because I wasn’t bringing him home. He will have an MRI of the brain, A neurologist will look at that scan. Also his cardiologist, as his Pacemaker/defibrillator was going crazy, and if he came home, he might die. His potassium was still high, and that can cause kidney, and heart problem, so medication was given. They asked me about his balance with falls most days, and I explained that he has been walking like a monkey. They asked anything else that was happened. I spoke about the T.I.A., and remembered that hubby, even last night said that his left hand was shaking. Also when sitting he would tilt to the left. We were told that this could be a sign of one of the Parkinson’s group. He is having physiotherapy come in to get him up walking. They may be able to give helpful information.

I took all this in, but hubby wasn’t able to. All he knew was that he felt great, and wanted to come home.

I left around 7 p.m. and he was still in the E.R. He is now in his room, and I have just spoken to him. I told him that I will phone in the morning, and visiting hours are 1 – 8 p.m. So I will see him at 1.

Not sure when I will do another update, but promise to keep you informed of his progress.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay



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