Hubby is still in hospital waiting on the MRI.

P.T. came and had him walk with a walker in the room.  You can’t go out to the corridor, because of Covid. He thought it was perfect, and she told him he has a balance problem, and a really high fall risk.  She said he mustn’t walk anywhere without the walker. Then I  told her that the doctor wants him to use the wheelchair at home because it’s more sturdy.
The neurologist didn’t come until 2.30 to see about the MRI. He is the only one to authorize it. The hospital are still liasoning with his electro-cardiologist, the people that make the pacemaker, and the neurologist. Therefore they couldn’t do it today.
Hubby wanted to leave, so I spent forever saying that this is the one procedure out of all of them that he really needs.
He finally accepted it, and I got home a short while ago.

Photo from one of our trips to Treasure Island Beach.


  1. Dear ma’am, you are facing so much of struggles. Can understand how much mental and physical struggles you are going through now. It is not necessary you have to read my posts and give like now at your busy time. It’s ok ma’am. You are struggling alone, take care of yourself and your hubby that’s important. I will definitely read your posts.

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