Hubby phoned twice last night, and twice this morning.

The hospital has people with Covid, and as hubby and I haven’t been able to get our vaccinations, it’s concerning.  I wanted him to put 3 masks on at the hospital, but he would only wear one.  I got the thickest material, and the tightest one for him, as he will be in contact with lots of different people.  I wore 3 masks yesterday.
I have just spoken with him, and he is still difficult to hear, but it could also be because of the mask. He said he has been taken down twice this morning for more tests.  He said that he is in a corridor, and he is in room 310, with one other person. I was hoping he would be in a room on his own.

Now to cancel the C.T. scan for Tuesday, phone the P.T. people back, and let them know what’s going on, etc.

I will update later in the day, after I have seen him, and let you know if he is staying in, or coming home.


  1. Thanks for the update, sounds like things are moving along as best they can with this COVID. I’m wondering if since he’s at hospital, it they can arrange a vaccination? Three masks sounds prudent – even though we get glares just going out with 2! Seriously, stay safe. Stay sane. Take care.

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  2. At least 2 masks for sure. Now that I’ve been wearing masks for a year I’m somewhat used to them. I did wear 2 on plane. The important thing I heard is to make sure they have tight seal. Pinch the metal piece around nose not just lie flat across nose I still have an issue with my readers are on because they get all fogged up.

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