Bad news from the G.P., but good news from the P.T. guy.

The doctor’s news wasn’t good yesterday.  The C.T. scan didn’t show abnormalities, and there is no way he can get an MRI, because of his Pacemaker/defibrillator.  The hospital shouldn’t have said to contact a neurologist, because he will not be able to get an MRI.  
This means that because of hubby’s kidney failure, diabetes, and heart failure, his legs won’t hold him.  The falls will continue, and she wants him in a wheelchair for safety.  He is not going to do that, so she said that if he falls once more, he will be in a wheelchair.  I don’t know how she will manage it, but that’s what she said.  He also can’t go to the bathroom on his own at night.  
He has only been using the walker, and I know for sure he will never use the wheelchair.  She wants me to phone once his P.T. is completed.  More stress for me to deal with.

That is what I wrote yesterday, and was too upset to post it. So the P.T. guy came today, and asked how the doctor’s visit went. He was in shock when I told him the above. He said that his legs will get stronger with the PT., and in time he will have him walking outside.

Today he did 8 different exercises with him, and I videoed all of them. He wants him to do these twice a day, but today it would be too much. He also wants him to walk to the kitchen sink, and back twice, every 2 hours. That is something we can do today.

So I am much more positive today, and really pleased that I didn’t post yesterday. As long as we can get somewhere in between what the doctor said, and the P.T. guy, it will make a huge difference to our lives.


  1. I don’t know what to say.  After numerous falls my legs just gave out unexpectedly and I had to use a wheelchair or scooter.  There was no choice.  I think the PT should be great but you both need to keep in mind a wheelchair may be necessary.  

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  2. Really sorry to hear this. I got a pacemaker/defib too so I know all about the MRI, and heart failure as well. Terrible time for both of you.


  3. I think there is some positive news here. The GP news not so much but the PT is good. This morning I was thinking of you and your hubby. My husband and I were doing the Eldergym online class and this morning it was 10 different balance exercises. I think most of them would be difficult for your hubby but if he keeps it up with kitchen walking he could do some of them. I know you are stressed Susie so I hope you can get someone to look after him for some time during the day so you can get out to the gym.


  4. Something to work for with the PT exercises. Incentive to follow them faithfully to keep on balance, for sure. Fingers crossed for improved strength and balance for your hubby. Susie. Allan


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