Another early morning.

This week Publix have vaccines, so again another 6.30 wakeup call, to be setup with my laptop, and phone for 7 a.m. when registration starts. A few of my friends have been lucky. The last time I got on to book was 7.40, and by the time the paperwork was done, no slots were available.

I decided to try for one that was still on the list last time, thinking it’s further away, but more chance of getting an appointment. This time I got saddened, as it was 7.55 before they allowed me to get on the application form. By the time I had done the 2 page questionnaire for hubby, it showed a 8.40 p.m., one, and before I could click on it, it was taken. So no joy again.

They are saying that half of Floridians aged 65 have had the vaccine, and sometime next month they will be lowering the age group. I am dreading that.


  1. I will never understand why governments would not simply use their tax records to send appointment forms to people in order of age, rather than having this haphazard approach, particularly with not all seniors being computer savvy. Our supposedly bullet proof government vaccine portal crashed within 2 minutes of opening for those 75 and above. What hope is there when we get into the bigger population segments. Fingers crossed this works for you soon Susie. Our chance will not likely come up before April. Allan

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  2. It’s Not “A Problem”
    In “The Panhandle”
    As There Are So
    Many People Who
    Are Ignorant
    Still With
    Theories They
    Are Afraid To


    Sadly Natural
    Selection Still Rules
    For Us All Deaf Blind Or Not

    Not Unlike All The
    Folks Who Are Still
    Too Weak Of Soul
    Here To Carry A Cross
    To Lift A Tiny Mask to



    In Church To

    Save The Sanctity

    Of Breathing Life

    Human Ignorance

    Is This Earth’s




    Pandemic oF All

    Through ‘The Ages’

    It Harms, Rapes, Maims,
    Kills The Rest Of Nature

    Accelerating Most

    Now Yet


    Is The

    Master All

    Yes The God

    Of Nature Will

    Spit Us Out




    This World

    From Our Species

    With No Trace

    That We Existed

    In 300 Million Years

    At All As Nature


    Us All Away

    If We Dare


    That “Tipping
    Point” Of Nature’s




    Of Existence Escapes

    Folks Sadly Are Too
    Deaf And Blind To





    Roar That

    Clearly Now Says

    Stop In ‘The Name



    This Breath…🦅

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