Non stop day for me.

After this morning being online, and writing one post, I have been running around. 2 nurses came out to hubby at 10 a.m. this morning. He didn’t get up until 9, but managed to get all the health stuff done, cooked oatmeal, and was doing his blood pressure when they arrived. I guess one of them was a trainee.

They were pleased with the P.T. Looked at hubby’s swollen legs, and feet, which I told them was water retention. Unfortunately he can only take pills for 3 days, and then has to wait 10 days, before another dose. This drug interacts with his kidney function. They said that I was doing everything right. I told them that we would be doing P.T. today.

I did manage to get 30 minutes for me, once they had left, and hubby had everything he needed. This was boxing with my trainer. I am averaging 30 – 40 minutes a day, instead of 2, 3, or awhile back 4 hours a day. I stopped off at a fresh produce store close to my trainer, and got Florida strawberries, and vine ripe tomatoes. Both smelled amazing, not like supermarket produce.

Got lunch for hubby, protein bar, and two huge strawberries for me. Then I was making phone calls.

Hubby’s insulin was ready at my most hated store, Super Walmart. I drove there, and there was only 1 person at the window. She was getting irate with the lady behind the window, and kept showing her something on her phone. After twenty minutes I went to another window, and finally she called someone over to deal with me. Another 5 minutes, and I finally got it. I literally ran around the store picking up food items that I only buy from there. I called hubby to tell him I was on my way back.

We did his P.T. He didn’t want to, but I did it with him. Half sitting in a chair, and the rest holding onto the kitchen sink, with the walker right next to him.

Then it was time to make cauliflower cheese to go with hubby’s sausage, and my turkey breast (hubby won’t eat it). We have finished eating, and I am finally sitting down. Once this is posted it will be dishes to wash, and I wanted to do another workout today, but that’s out of the question. I normally get up at 8, and hubby 8.30 to 9.30, but with a 6.30 start I am already feeling tired.


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