Just ordered an iPhone from Spectrum.

I had paid my last payment for my Samsung Galaxy S9 last month. Previously it was $40 with T-Mobile, so when I switched to Spectrum, it was when you had to get a phone from them. The cost was $25 for 24 months, + $14 a month for I GB. As I always use WIFI, I end up using 0.04 of usage. So I was paying $39 for both.

Hubby’s daughter, and my daughter in England both have iPhones, and although I love my android, I am changing over. I have no idea how it will be. Deliverery will be on Thursday March 4th.

Hubby has been using my old Samsung J7. He finds it difficult to start it up, so I figured that once I get used to the iPhone, and get my stuff transferred, then he can have this one. I know it inside out, so will be able to help him with it. I went with 128 GB as I take so many photos, and videos. This will only cost me the $25 + $2.09 for the upgrade memory. So again, for what I was paying with other providers I will have so much more, and compatible with members of the family.



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