Managed Zumba class, and a walk this evening.

My 2 of 2, 3, 4 hours at the gym are over, but I am trying to get to the gym for 30 – 40 minutes a day. It doesn’t always work out, because of hubby’s visiting nurses, and P.T., but I improvise. I was up at 7.20 this morning, so that I could make my coffee, before watching Premier League Football.

Hubby didn’t get up until 9.20 a.m., so it was doing a diabetic sugar reading, having breakfast, medication, and taking his blood pressure. Then helping him get dressed, and into his recliner. I managed to leave the house at 10.24 a.m., and drove to the gym for my 10.30 Zumba class. I arrived just as they were starting.

After dinner tonight, the weather was beautiful so I went for a 30 minutes walk around our small community. It was so nice watching the sun go down. I am showing 7,065 steps today, so I did a lot of walking around the house too.

I took this photo while walking.



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