A celebration meal at Ruby Tuesday.

This week we have been home most of the time. Hubby’s legs still don’t want to work at times, so have been doing everything together.

After printing off our vaccination appointments, even though they are on my phone, we went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.

I rarely drink, but had a glass of sangria. We both ordered the full rack of baby back ribs, and I added the salad bar.Β 

I always have spinach, tomatoes, beetroot, black olives, red onion, chickpeas, artichokes, egg, and the 3 kinds of cheese. Upon returning to the booth with it, our dinners arrived.

We hardly saw our server, and I had to get her attention for extra napkins, and a plate for the bones. I did say that I hadn’t started my salad, when the dinner arrived.Β  No response.

Hubby had eaten one half rack, and his double mash, before I had finished the salad.

Our server walked pass, and said, ‘2 boxes’.

One of the managers asked us if we had enjoyed our meals. I looked over at my untouched meal, and asked if I could make a suggestion. A server should wait a minimum of 15 minutes before putting a ticket in. It’s common sense.

He agreed, and said that he would get a fresh meal. With hubby ready to go, I said that it was fine. He asked what he could do, for us to come back. I told him that we visit every 2 weeks, and would continue to do so. I said if you want, you can comp my drink. It was only 5 bucks. This he gladly did.

So I have one and a half racks of ribs in the fridge. Anyone hungry?


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