‘I Can put you on page 1 of Google’.

I have a personal blog. I don’t sell anything. I am not an affiliate with any company, and I don’t make any money on it.

However every day I get 3 or 4 emails, offering services to get my business where it will be ranking on the first page of Google search engines. Also Yahoo, Bing, and all the other ones.

Yes I have my email address available to my followers, but come on. If they took the time to read just one post, they would know that it is not that kind of blog.

So more deleted emails again today.


  1. Yes, I get all kinds of follows from obvious businesses, hoping to get business form me or my followers few. Some people never learn that it is not all about the money. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  2. I get tons of spam coments on the animals’ blog saying how much they learned from this or that post, which is obvious nonsense, because just about none of those posts has any educational value whatsoever …

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