Have our first Maderna vaccinations.

It took an hour and forty minutes from arriving at the mall. In 4 holding lines to begin with. Then got on the perimeter road, then back into 4 lines where they got your QR code, and gave you stickers.

Then we drove to the 4 lines waiting for the Covid vaccine to be administrated

We were asked the health questions 3 times, before getting the jab.

We then were in a line for a further 15, and asked how we felt. We were allowed to leave.

Now in Bob Evans as it’s a very hot day, and we needed water, and food.



  1. I could qualify early but decided against getting it early, but looks like the newest vaccine is a one-shot deal. The governor thinks the state will get 25,000 of the new vaccines this week with a goal of rolling out a lot more in the near future nationwide. Plus, the requirements aren’t as heavy as the first two vaccines that are double shots.

    Glad you both got the first shot.

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  2. Good for you! Got my first shot yesterday through Kaiser. Very organized, quick. Just the 15 minute wait was strange – a room full of people sitting 6 feet apart in little plastic “domes” staring at a blank white wall. You could hear phone alarms chirping as a reminder that your 15 minutes of observation were over and you were free to go.

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