My iPhone arrived today.

I was going to have my iPhone delivered to a Walgreens, as we had our vaccinations today, but then got a text to say it would be Wednesday. So I didn’t do anything. Luckily we had just got back when the phone arrived. I would have been frustrated if I had missed it.

As I am not a techie, and even with glasses I can’t see how to get the sim card tray out, I phoned customer support. He said that the hole is so small, and it’s black on black I may not be able to do it. He asked if I had someone that could do it for me. Only 87 year old hubby and me. I felt like saying my daughter can’t fly over from England to help, but just said No one.

He suggested after I had spent an hour on it before calling him, to make an appointment at a local Spectrum store. I believe it is about 5 miles away, and at a very congested intersection. I phoned the store, but didn’t get the store, and none of the prompts helped, so I went on the stores website, and was able to make one for 7.20 this evening. That’s in 2 hours, and it will be dark, and I am tired. I really had no choice as a nurse will be out tomorrow, and possibly the P.T. guy.

All I have wanted to do after the vaccine is relax, and that hasn’t been the case. Blood on the sheets so laundry, a cleanup in hubby’s bathroom, and the list goes on.

I won’t be posting anymore today, and hopefully when I get back from the Spectrum store, I will try and do some reading, if my eyes will allow.


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