Sorry it’s been almost 24 hours without a post.

I had trouble from the start trying to use my new iPhone. I got onto tech support, and they suggested I went to a Spectrum store. I said I only went once before, and it was jamming with people, and only 2 people working. They said that I could make an appointment. I did this through my Samsung phone, on their website. It was for 7.20 p.m.

I decided to leave around 6.40, and got there at 7. There was only 1 car in their area of the parking lot so went in. A nice young lady, did a bunch of stuff, and then had me sit down, while everything from my phone went over to the iPhone.

She took other customers in between, and it was 15 minutes before they closed, and she was still working with another couple. The gentleman that had been around was close by, and I told him about the transfer being complete. He made a phone call to the new phone, and it rang, and voicemail came up. That is something that never worked on the new one I bought 2 years ago. He also showed me a few things on the phone.

I got home at 8.30, and was so tired, and I ached. That was the only reaction I got from the vaccine. I read some of my followers post, and tried to find my stuff on the new phone, with no joy. I decided to leave it until today.


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