Got to Facetime with hubby’s daughter.

My girlfriend that has an iPhone has never done Facetime, so I asked hubby’s daughter if we could try. I had her phone number in my contacts, and so I went to it, and could choose between phone, message, and Facetime. I clicked on Facetime, and there she was. It is so much better than Skype or Facebook messenger. It was as if she were in the room with me. Really delighted with this feature.

I gave my daughter my full cellphone number, including the International code. I had a text from her the minute I put my phone on this morning. We sent a few text messages back and forward. This is so much quicker, and nicer than emailing each other. Even though I * hers, I get hundreds of WordPress emails, and it can get bogged down, and sometime I miss it altogether.

I still only have around 5 of my 50+ apps in the iPhone, as it makes me change the password every time. Then I have problems on my laptop. Very frustrating, so even if it takes me weeks I will get there.


  1. Do you get Google Duo on your phone? May have to download it from the App Store, but it is free. We use this a lot on iPad and iPhone as do lots of my friends and family. It is an excellent FaceTime , face to face type app that is excellent when contacting others with the app too. Good coverage and can have more than two on one call. Mind you, seems a lot is different from UK and USA, so maybe not something you have access to.
    Glad to see Len improving. Your nursing skills are doing him good.

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