Prince Harry and Megan with Oprah

I have watched the first half of this documentary/interview, and I really don’t know what to think.

I love our Queen, and I feel sad for her. I understand that we may be hearing from the Royal family too.

I will keep an open mind.


  1. I feel bad for the Queen as well Susie. This with her husband laying in the hospital……why didn’t they just leave if that’s what they wanted to do? Why do they have to air the dirty laundry? So sad😥

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  2. It is interesting to see how money , prestige and family dynamics get all combined together. To air out family dynamics in public is usually due to the money and prestige involved. Ask Oprah that. Now as to the royal institution, it has stood the test of time. It will again however I feel that it has to keep up with the pace of time to keep itself relevant. As to the royal couple, it is interesting how they got a platform to publicly air their grievances due to money and prestige. I just hope that they embibe gratitude and empathy as they voice out their concerns. I like the Queen and feel for her as she dealt with all the personal issues involved—Prince Philip, COVID in the UK, Prince Harry and Meghan.etc. She is tough. She will pull through.

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  3. There’s an agenda there, they are creating a brand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Megan going for president one day. It’s all contrived, every action rehearsed and they know they can say what they like, because the Crown won’t respond, hmmmm 😉

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  4. Perhaps we saw the first stirrings of things with Princess Di and that all was not as it seemed to be. The family needs to develop as a family and not refer to themselves as an enterprise. As for racism, in my eyes Meghan appears more Asian than African American, so who knows but really the family needs to be a family and not an enterprise wooing reporters. What kind of agenda is that?I am happy that Harry stood up for his family which is something Charles should have done with Diane but he was off with Camille.


  5. With the Royal Family’s policy of “never complain, never explain,” I feel we will never get to hear the true story, it feels to me as if actions taken by the Royal Family have been misinterpreted by an American who didn’t realise that Royal protocol was a very large part of the job. I have a feeling the American public will also view this differently from the British where they will see a race issue and we will view it as a protocol issue. It may be interesting to see the full interview, although this is only one side of the story, if the Palace respond we may be in a better place to be able to make up one’s mind. It’s such a shame that nowadays anything that is said on social media is taken as the truth, even with no proof; take for example the lie about the election being stolen, the more Mr Trump repeats it, the more people seem to believe it.

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  6. Every family has their dirty laundry, but it is not often that a family branch who says they want privacy, goes the extra mile to attract the publicity they say they do not want. I am on the fence about this one. After the whole Diana incident, I can not believe anyone would go into the Royal firm, without doing a bit of research. The whole motto of “the firm” is Never Explain, Never Complain”. I think Megan may get the last word. From the part I have watched so far, Oprah is the consummate interviewer and Meghan is the consummate actress and it was laundry day.

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  7. With what’s going on with Dr. Seuss and the Muppets, I have lost all sense of charges of real racism. Some people look for issues where there are none, and the ‘princess’ seems to be one of those people.

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  8. Harry and Meghan only had positive things to say about the Queen. It seemed to be negative about the firm or institution. Not being British it’s difficult for me to judge. This was done before Phillips hospitalization from what I understand. That said I agree there’s two sides to every story.

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  9. I have often wondered about the true story with Diane. I do believe the press caused the accident and they were trying to outrun the press. That being said, Diane was British and not everyone can adjust to protocol. I dislike Camilla and him.

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  10. Here’s the thing. Meghan is an idealistic young woman who probably thought that the royal family had caught up with the times. They haven’t. But in the meantime she had fallen in love with Harry. The main two takeaways from this interview is that racism does exist within the firm and that when Meghan spoke up about mental health she was told there was no support for her. Unacceptable. I know Diana had PPD and received no help. By the way I’m not sure I will call Meghan the consummate actress. I had no idea who she was when she first hooked up with Harry.


  11. I don’t own a television, and if I did I’m not sure I’d watch this program. I don’t know enough about either of them to have an opinion. I am sure there are fences to be mended but what matters is are they happy now?


  12. The Royal Family will not get involved, deny or respond to accusations in any form or way, so Meghan and Harry will be able to cash in on their side of the story as often they please.

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. I am busy with real life, working hard, paying bills, trying to make ends meet. Real-life, you know!

    One day, in a faraway future, when life will be fair to all, I will be rich and will find the time to feel sorry for Millionaires and their problems, until then. Sorry!

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  13. Americans have generally been fascinated with British royalty. As for me, there is enough on my plate without checking in with Harry and Megan and everyone else.


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