My post about Harry and Meghan stirred up a lot of comments.

First off, an apology as I spelled Meghan incorrectly, leaving out the h.

With Harry being British, and Meghan American, I got two different kinds of answers from fellow Brits, and Americans. As British, we were born to respect the Royal Family, and never question them. They had a job to do, and if it wasn’t done as it should be, it was taken care of. We tend to believe that even if the decision isn’t necessary the right one, it has been made, and will stand.

To my American friends, many of you haven’t lived through the 87 years my husband has, and the 73 for me. My husband joined the R.A.F. the day the King died, and was one of the first to be sworn in under the Queen. He has driven the Queen’s sister, and cousin, and we dearly love them. This is something that will never die in our hearts, and I hope you can understand where it is coming from.

The one thing I cannot believe is that Meghan didn’t know much about the Royal Family, or how “The Firm” works, while dating Harry. This is the first thing I would have done, especially knowing that Diana, and Fergie, where not the type of personality to be able to conform with the rules. I know both of them were unhappy, but there is a reason why the Royal Family have remained firm, and loved.

I am so sorry for Harry and Meghan, and know they did the right thing for them in leaving, but to put that display on with Oprah, I feel was so unfair, as the Royal Family are not permitted to give their side of the story. My heart aches so bad, for both sides.


  1. Every company has regulations, rules and requirements, the breach of which can get you dismissed. If these were not advised from the beginning, then that is a pity, but given the fallout from Diana and Fergie, it was hardly a secret that things had to be done just so. Perhaps, that is why “the firm” prefers its new members come from royalty, as they already have an indication of what responsibilities are to come. It is all a shame, but going public in this manner may make it worse, given the bent of the UK press to make it news. The world is starved for controversial stories this day and they will eat it up.

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  2. That was the thing that struck me, too–Meghan was totally naïve about the Royal family even though she was dating a prince? It seems like Harry learned a lot from Meghan, so maybe he was also naïve? Two hours to air grievances that cannot/will not be responded to….Oprah’s company made a lot of money off this.

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  3. As a British person, I have zero love or respect for the Royals. They really mean nothing to me. They are just like anyone else, expect they were born into royalty. They have no ruling over us as a country. From the interview, I learnt alot of things that they did wrong in this situation. Treating Meghan differently to how they treated Kate. Harry even said himself that he felt trapped. Nobody should feel that way whether you’re a royal or not. The British press have been so awful to Meghan, they really targeted her and have said so many racist things towards her. I don’t blame them for doing this. After being silenced for so long, the Royal family cant get away with treating people like trash and getting away with it.

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  5. I hope I’m not eaten alive, as an American I find the monarchy most interesting. Though they don’t rule GB anymore they still maintain a profile that is beneficial for the country or they would be history. Imagine Harry not knowing that he was “trapped” until Meghan was good enough to tell him so. Poor lamb, he drank the kool aide. Archie is adorable and I hope they have a wonderful life.

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  6. I think they have not evolved and realized the world has changed. The stepping down of Harry and Meghan means they have evolved and where did they chose to live after leaving Great Britain and Canada…the United States. Yes, people criticize our politics, our leaders but they come here. I believe these two will be great citizens.

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  7. I’ve always liked Harry, even in his wild days. Hopefully he’ll have a productive life over here in the US and not end up like Andrew. (still waiting for more on his story)

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  8. From everything I have heard from Harry and Meghan, it doesn’t sound like the Queen was the problem. In the James Corden interview, Harry talks about facetiming with the Queen and Prince Philip. They sound like they are getting along okay. I tend to think the problem might be with Charles and Wills and others in “the Firm”.

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  9. They came here to California…Meghan is very familiar with the industry there, it’s where they can start their organizations and involvement in Spotify , etc. nothing wrong with that but let’s not fool ourselves.

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  10. I wonder why Meghan decided to do this interview. She says she has been vilified by the media but she picks the biggest media personality in the world to do an interview with. So she must still be drawn to the spotlight. Also they will have been paid six figures ,at least, to do this interview. I did not watch it and to be honest I’ve had enough of both Meghan and Harry.


  11. One big question keeps on coming to my mind: Did Harry and Meghan try to resolve things internally, and if so, how did those efforts go? If they tried to resolve things internally and failed, then I can absolutely see where they’re coming from. But if not, it seems a little unfair to me at least to not at least give the royals the opportunity to do better.


  12. I have always like the relationship Diana instilled in her sons. I think Harry always respected his mom, unlike his dad. He will have a great life in the United States. He was not born a fool or married one.

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