Jacked Factory – Authentic Bars.

I am not sure if it is just me, but when I go on Facebook, Authentic Bars come up in the advertising all the time. It could be because of my workouts, and the people I follow.

They always seem to have the offer to buy a box, and get one free. A box of 6 are $9.99 on Amazon, and then the company sends you another box once it has been shipped. They also offered me yet another box for free, which I was happy to accept. 18 bars for $10 is a fantastic deal.

The packaging is the regular size for a bar, but when you open it, it is much smaller. The bar is really moist, and dense. As you bite into it, the feeling is almost of really soft fudge. It has a fatty/oily texture to it. The taste is good, and it is very rich.

I have added photos so you can see the nutrition facts, and what the company has to say about their bars.

I have to say that I prefer other bars to these, and also they contain a higher sugar percentage than protein. I always try to eat bars that are lower in sugar, and higher in protein.

I chose to write about this product, and certainly wasn’t asked to. On the fence about recommending them.


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