We see our G.P. today.

I did manage to get to Body Pump today, and CxWorkx/core yesterday. I leave before the end so that I can be home within the hour. Just made a quick lunch, and will be leaving in an hour, to see our doctor. I am taking the folder from the agency that the nurse, and P.T. guy write in. I am also taking a weekly note of hubby’s sugar and blood pressure readings.

I will be very interested to see what she had to say today, as last time, she didn’t think that this would make any difference to hubby. I will write later, and let you know the outcome.



  1. good luck! Do they ever do A1C tests for him? I agree that it seems like something more than blood sugar causing the falls but A1C does give a better overall picture of how the blood sugar is.

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  2. That’s good. My son had better A1Cs when he was younger and I kept an eye on him. But he needs to manage himself now. He goes on super long bike rides so he has to let himself not get too low. But as a result his numbers tend to fluctuate a lot.

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