Arsenal and Tottenham win their matches in the UEFA Europa League.

We were at the nephrologist office, so missed the first part of the Arsenal match. Olympiakos Piraeus were 1 goal up when we came in, so we got to see the 3 goals from Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspurs played at the same time, but we got to see the highlights of the match. Kane, and Dier both scored. The commentary is in Spanish, but as long as we get to see the matches, it makes no difference to us. We know our players so it’s still enjoyable.

I really like hubby’s nephrologist, he is a great guy. Yes, we always have to wait for him, but we know that he will spend all the time he needs with us. He is really good, because it’s not just about the kidneys, as he discusses hubby’s diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, walking, speech, and so much more. He says that he isn’t an expect in the other fields, but gives us some great suggestions. I wish all specialists were like him.

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