After weeks of asking Walgreens if they have the Covid vaccine…..

and getting the answer that our fridges/freezes are empty, and it could be a month or more before we get any, I finally got to go to the huge Gulf View Mall site. Hubby and I hated being in line for 1 hour, and 40 minutes. but did it as our next-door neighbors that use our driveway too, both had Covid. They were both admitted to the hospital, and are now home.

So I went to Walgreens to drop a prescription in, and was asked if I wanted the Covid vaccine. They now have it, and they were asking everyone who came into the store, or drive through. I said if only you had been given a date, we would happily have waited. It would have just meant filling out the form, and being given a time. That easy. Less than a mile drive too.

Now I have to expect another long wait, in several lines, that go from one end of the mall to the other, at the end of the month. I am pleased that we had the first one, and the second one is booked, but would have been so much happier to get it from Walgreens, where I go at least 3 times a week.

Image by Henryk Krzyżanowski from Pixabay


  1. In The Panhandle

    No Waits

    For Walk-ins

    With Religious

    Fervor For




    Should Be
    No Problem

    Getting Vaccinated

    Next Week As 60

    Becomes The

    New Limit

    Where i Live
    Ya Gotta Be
    Smart And



    Now Until

    From All the

    Human Pandemic
    CULTuRaL ‘Sins’
    oF iGNoRaNCE






    oF Lies


    Kills More

    Than All What

    Combines Crime
    The Rest Of Nature
    Currently Agrees Now

    Barely Even Human Enough…

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  2. 2 minutes on the phone booked our first shots for Mar 29. we could have gotten as early Covid vaccine and our 2nd shot of Shingrix. 2nd dose could be as long a wait as 16 weeks, but the way things are now moving, I think it will be earlier. So glad to have the first one booked. Stay well Susie. Allan

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