Adding photos from my iPhone

I had it off pat, on how to compress my photos, and then add them to my WordPress media photos. The ones I took when I had 30 minutes of boxing, came out sideways, then upside down, and finally got one as it should be. The same with the one of my Mother’s day card from my daughter. I will try that one for my next post.

I was awake for the early Premier League match, Southampton – Brighton. Both being on the south coast, I would normally want both of them to win, which is impossible, when they play against each other. However, this morning I wanted Brighton to win as they were in 17th place. They have now moved up to 16th, and have a better chance of not being relegated this season. I didn’t bother to watch the 5 – 0 win from Leicester City against bottom of the league Sheffield United.

Right now it’s a local derby Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspurs, and Arsenal were playing like champions, only to have Lamela score against the run of play for Spurs. Very disheartening for Arsenal. It is now in the halftime, and Arsenal have a well deserved equalizer.


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