Why Are People So Angry? I am sharing this post that I feel is very relevant right now. I had someone angry with what I wrote, and I did everything possible to calm them, but it still continued. I had to ignore the comments in the end.

Maybe it’s just little overly sensitive me, but social media seems to have been even more toxic than normal in recent days. And by normal I mean the …

Why Are People So Angry?


  1. You’re right, Susie. People are so easily angered these days. I don’t suppose the pandemic has helped but there is no excuse for unpleasantness simply because views differ. Whatever happened to civil and good natured debate? I’m sorry you’ve been having these problems. You did right to ignore them.

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  2. People like being in control…of something….of anything. Throughout the pandemic, restrictions, lockdowns, vaccinations, elections, they feel like they are no longer in control of anything, so they reach out or react to try to control others. What most fail to recognize is that we only have the illusion of control and then only during the good times. The only thing we really can control is ourselves and our reactions to situations and others. When I got into it with a troll a couple of years ago, I had no alternative but to set WordPress to hold all comments until I could moderate them. Since that point, no more trolls. Oh, there are a few spammers with links, religious messages, etc. Rage will not fix our current situation, but understanding and compassion just might. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  3. There is nothing wrong in being angry. The word of God says, “be angry and sin not.”- Ephesians 4:26. It is what we choose to do when we’re angry. How we choose to express anger. We have to control ourselves. We can’t blame anyone, circumstance or thing for our bad behavior. It’s a choice we make. So sorry you had to endure someone’s bad behavior. Glad you took the high road and didn’t return the same.

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  4. Respect. It is difficult for so many to accept there are times we will agree to disagree and move on. Usually it is one or two things but in acceptance of agreeing to disagree it is as important to respect and again move on.

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  5. Its kind of ironic and sad to say that this is a beautifully accurate description of our present day situation. I found myself more actively using and reading the WordPress Reader Community platform of complete strangers than my established over 400 friends Facebook platform. The atmosphere here is seems more ideally suited to expressing ourselves with less fear of repraisals. Maybe its because we are community of writers that not only believe in the power of expressing ourselves in written form but also in the importance of mutual respect and individual right to do so. Anyway thank you for sharing.

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