We decided to go to Chilis today.

However, we found out that it was the Spring break week, so got seated okay, but the food wasn’t like usual. Our server is always great, but she was rushed off her feet. She has an easy time with us, as the order is always the same.

Our 2 waters came out, but no chips and salsa. It was about 30 minutes, and our appetizer came, which was half it’s normal size, and over cooked. I asked her if she could bring just a small amount of chips and salsa, so that I could snack on them. I gave hubby the middle part of the Texas cheese fries, as the rest wasn’t edible. If this had been any other time, she wouldn’t even have brought it out to us.

Dinner came with extra sauce for hubby, no sour cream, and extra guacamole for me. I ate 2 fajitas, and hubby had a few mouthfuls of his Cajun chicken pasta.

Our server came with 2 boxes, a bag, and our check. I handed her a gift card, and a credit card. The gift card took care of the check, so I ended up leaving cash for the tip.

We both have at least 2 meals each, in our boxes. Also with the 2 can dine for $25 comes with 1 slice of cheesecake, that was boxed for us. I won’t have to think about cooking until later in the week.

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