Still learning the new normal.

And I am not talking about Covid. It is the new normal of taking care of hubby. As he doesn’t come to bed, sometimes starts off in bed, but can be in the wheelchair, the loveseat recliner, or I prefer his electric recliner, there is a lot of movement during the night. The last 2 nights I woke up twice, to find an empty bed, and him in one of these places. If he is in his recliner, I can put his legs up without waking him.

The morning routine takes a couple of hours, and my friends at the gym can’t understand why. Hubby was able to do everything for himself, and would often make the oatmeal, do the dishes, and I never realize how helpful they were. Just imagine that you are struggling to stand, have no strength in your legs, very little in your arms, and you are confused. That’s our situation now.

As hubby has 5 chronic illnesses, we have to check his sugar, his blood pressure, take insulin, so many pills, and have breakfast.

I have a 2 minute shower, unless I wash my hair, and then it’s 15 minutes, clean my teeth, put a comb through my hair, and drag it back. Moisturize my face, and a little eye shadow, get dressed, and I am done for the day.

So my classes at the gym are now a couple of times a week. I really try to get to the Body Pump and the CxWORKx/core. When I miss the other ones I try to Zoom, or do them on YouTube.

Yes, the new normal is starting to take shape, while we are both gaining weight.



  1. Hope all settles in soon for your Susie. We are trying to deal with a 90 year old parent recuperating from a heart attack who does not find any food appetizing. Even though he knows he needs to eat to gain strength, he chooses not to. Trouble is that he is 790 miles away and we have to do this by phone until we get vaccinated. Trying times for sure. Stay well. Allan


  2. Dear Susi, what you do, is call love. Kindness and concern for another. I have took care of people in my lifetime. My reward was their thankfulness and smile. I hope one day. When I need help. Someone loved me enough to care for me. Hello from Michigan.


  3. Sounds like my life. Hap was able to help before the sepsis crisis last year. After that he was not as mobile. There was a gradual decline and then I ended up with all the stuff. It is not easy. Take care of yourself. Remember you can’t help him if you are not well. Get help where you need. it. I couldn’t have survived the last few months without help.


  4. You are doing great, from experience I can tell you one day you will look back to determine how you could have been better and it may not seem like it but these really still are cherish able moments.


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