Getting some help.

Hubby and I had so many conversations of having people come in, or a nursing home. He wouldn’t talk to me, and just ignored it.

I have phoned the doctors office, and waiting on a call back. I am going to have a friend who ran a nursing home in for a couple of hours next week, as she works full-time. I also contacted his insurance in Pasco county, and they gave me a number to call.

I phoned and they were extremely helpful. I explained the situation we are in, and the lady told me that a nurse is coming out to assess him between 4 and 5ย today.

I can’t tell you how it has taken a huge mountain off my shoulders. The blood didn’t come out of the carpet so I will attend to that again today. I have also dressed wounds that are still weeping blood.

Hubby has walked twice with me today, and his legs are still very weak.


  1. Good for you, Susie. To hear you say it is a weight off your shoulders….I am happy to hear that. Hopefully, hubby realizes you are trying to help him.

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