We had the nurse come this afternoon.

She has signed hubby up, and it will mean a nurse, and a c.n.a. coming out. We will get a post registration nurse tomorrow to go over more details, but at least I will get help with a c.n.a. during the week.

After she left hubby told me that he is not happy with it. That we don’t need anyone, and that he can come to the gym every morning with me. That hasn’t happened in 5 weeks, so we shall see. He thinks that I make it out worse than it is, and that we are doing okay.

I was happy to have her here, and get some support, but now I have the guilt trip.



  1. Good luck with the struggle, Susie. Having help will keep you healthier and happier. Hopefully Hubby will come to see that. If he wants situation normal, he will need to follow your rules Susie. Falling at any age is not a good thing. Stay well. Allan


  2. Susie–you did the right thing. Hubby might think this makes him look weak, but it does not. Remind him that it takes a strong person to admit they need help. The CNAs will be able a huge help to both of you. Good luck! ❤


  3. I’m sorry, Susie – that must be tough. It must be hard for hubby to see the help that he needs outside of you. You have really given 110% + so much more. I agree with Tilda above as well. This extra help at home is what will keep him at home. Thinking of you!


  4. Don’t go on a guilt trip. I saw the photos of that fall yesterday! The help you are getting is the way for him to stay in your home rather than having to go to an assisted living home.

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