Hospice are for people with chronic illnesses.

Hospice are amazing. The nurse today checked all hubby’s wounds and dressed them. Brought me in chucks, self gripping bandages, ordered a bed rail for him, and a sleeping pill. He is starting with the mildest one.ย  The nurse said that the social worker will get him a medical alert, arrange for aides twice a week to shower him, and volunteers to sit with him. Wow.

Also if he falls I am to call them. If they can’t get him up, then they have a non emergency number, just for the paramedics to lift, and not transport.

God has answered my prayers, by the guy giving me the wrong telephone number, for help.


  1. Excellent! Yes, someone needs to keep an eye on those wounds. I can’t tell you the headaches of getting wounds to heal in elderly when I worked in nursing home.

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  2. So very, very glad for you! You have been doing this all alone and I know it has been exhausting. We all need help and a break when we are helping a relative with a chronic condition. What a blessing!


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