A multitude of Police cars in our subdivision.

We live in an extremely quiet community, and I was surprised to hear, and see police cars driving around our 8 streets. They ended up in the northwest corner. There were unmarked cars too.

No one seems to know what it was all about. Police were talking to some people in a front garden, but 2 cars were slowly driving around, as if they were looking for someone, or something.

I have asked Google, and Siri, but neither have found an answer for me. I have also had our 24/7 local news channel on, and it’s something I probably will never know.


  1. O_o It could have been almost anything. Most likely are that the people there saw a suspicious person (I’ve had people try to come over my fence in broad daylight), or they were looking for somebody that’s an alleged acquaintance of the residents there.

    Some towns have the police update on situations like that on the police website or via NextDoor.com Hate that site as it’s nothing but busybodies and bake sales, however some cities do use it to communicate.


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