Assist and lift.

What would you do if your husband slipped down trying to get back in bed at 6 a.m.? In the past I would do everything possible to help him up. Today he insisted on trying to get himself up, but knew that my left shoulder wouldn’t allow me to help anymore.

So at 6.15 I called the Hospice number, and asked for my husband’s team. The on call nurse called me immediately, and I told her he was on the floor, didn’t hurt himself, but unable to get up. She said that she would call the ‘Assist and Lift’ for me.

Around 15 minutes later the firefighters turned up, with no sirens, or equipment, and came in. All they asked me was his name, and date of birth. They picked him up, and put him in the wheelchair, where he said he wanted to be, and left. That easy, and not having to wake the neighbors with sirens.

So it’s 7.30, already showered, have the laundry on, and sipping a good cup of coffee. Hubby is in his electric recliner, safe and sound.

Image by ds_30 from Pixabay



  1. My firefighter grandson says they do that all day and don’t mind.  It’s part of their job and in my opinion, part of their helpful personalities so no worries.  

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  2. It can be awfully scary when someone falls. I was the sole caretaker for my Mother during her last 8 months before she transitioned. When she fell it was terrifying. Thank goodness for Hospice and the assisted lifting guys!!

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