Tried Zumba for a 2nd time today.

This morning I only managed 25 minutes of Zumba, as the Hospice nurse arrived. So I thought I would go for a walk up, and down our street this evening. It was raining.

I then set up the 6.30 Zumba on Zin Studio. Within a couple of minutes it froze up on me, and it took around 10 minutes of refreshing it to get it back. Then my phone rang, and I knew it was Hospice. I answered it, and it was the Chaplin. Hubby had been asleep but when I checked he was awake. We both spoke to the Chaplin, and he wanted to come tomorrow, but we will have an aide, not sure of the time, and the Social Worker at 11 a.m. So he is coming on Wednesday.

I got back to the Zumba class, so probably managed a complete class in 2 attempts. I have managed 10,000 steps today, so very happy. I am hoping this way I won’t miss the gym too much, and when we get in a routine, hopefully I will be able to go again.


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